The Story of Yasir Afifi, the Redditor Under FBI Surveillance

At some point, we’ve likely all experienced the feeling that we’re being watched. Whether inspired by conspiratorial media or an unfortunate defense mechanism against loneliness, it is hard for us to accept that we’re ever truly in solitude. Of course, even considering the ever-evolving technology used to survey unsuspecting people, the majority of the time […]

The Tragic Story of u/YAYVIDEOGAMES, a Reddit Mystery Solved

Reddit is an online community featuring user-created forums, called subreddits. It’s no exaggeration to say that whatever your interests may be, there are subreddits that cater to them. And with nearly 1.5 billion registered users and 52 million daily users, Reddit is essentially the internet’s all-inclusive safe haven. Of course, with so many differing personalities […]