Inside the Bizarre Nullo Cult

Severing one’s own “appendages” as a cult ritual is nothing new: Some members of the infamous UFO cult Heaven’s Gate removed their man bits themselves in an attempt to rid themselves of carnal desire, which they deemed demonic.  However, an estimated 10,000 worldwide members of the less-organized Nullo cult are removing their down south parts […]

The Macabre Story of Viktoria Nasyrova

Viktoria Nasyrova is a Russian-born d**inatrix currently residing in New York City. Believe it or not, her unorthodox career is not even her most fascinating quality: In February of this year, she was convicted of attempted murder. And only a month after her imprisonment, she has once again made headlines, this time because of her […]

5 Secret Areas You May Have Missed in Video Games

The discovery of secret areas can rekindle our love of certain video games. Here are five secret areas you may have missed in video games. The Secret Cow Level – Diablo II The “Secret Cow Level” is a secret area in the highly acclaimed 2000 role-playing game Diablo II. Since its discovery, it has become […]

10 of the Most Haunted Hotels in the United States

An image of a (maybe) haunted hotel with all its lights turned off.

From Psycho to The Shining, hotels have traditionally been a common setting in horror media. However, these 10 hotels may very well actually be haunted. The Stanley Hotel, Colorado THE SHINING's Overlook Hotel (AKA The Stanley Hotel) to open a horror museum — TIFF (@TIFF_NET) October 22, 2015 The Stanley Hotel is famously […]

Inside “Freaky Soup Guy,” Internet Mystery Proved Hoax

A photo of soup, used to represent the subject of the article, the "Blank Room Soup" video

Uploaded to YouTube in 2005, “Freaky Soup Guy” was one of the site’s first viral horror videos. As it was reuploaded throughout the years, the lore surrounding it grew. What was once nothing more than an “lolrandom,” albeit creepy relic of the early days of YouTube has since been revered by many as a “dark […]

The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife: A Hoax That Fooled Historians

Despite his being the figurehead of the world’s largest religion, little is known about the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The four canonical gospels (the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) were written around 70 to 110 years after his death and document only the latter portion of his life.  With a lack of […]

5 of the Most Shocking Deathbed Confessions

To some, it is never too late to set things right, even at the tail-end of their lives. These five deathbed confessions may have been a final weight off the shoulders of those making them. But to investigators, they completely altered how certain cases were perceived. The Faked Nessie Photo Deathbed Confession The “surgeon’s photograph” […]

The Story of Yasir Afifi, the Redditor Under FBI Surveillance

At some point, we’ve likely all experienced the feeling that we’re being watched. Whether inspired by conspiratorial media or an unfortunate defense mechanism against loneliness, it is hard for us to accept that we’re ever truly in solitude. Of course, even considering the ever-evolving technology used to survey unsuspecting people, the majority of the time […]

The Anticlimactic Truth Behind the First Internet Mystery

Given both the internet’s universality and the anonymity it provides, it is flooded with mysteries, some revealed to simply be the works of artists, others the digital footprints of genuinely disturbed individuals. But predating the canon of internet mysteries — Cicada 3301, Lake City Quiet Pills, etc — was the Markovian Parallax Denigrate, referred to […]